Italist: Pre-Sale-ing the New Season

August 3, 2020 by Lila Delilah

There is a thrill to finding exactly what you want during a third markdown but those finds are becoming less frequent. The more rewarding prospect is savings on the newest season’s trends.

Italist has started uploading Winter 2021 merchandise and sold out items can be procured for a bit of saving. Looking for a Prada Reissue 2005? Here it is for $1550 from $1750. Bottega Veneta Lido sandals are $980 from $1200 and a Gucci bodysuit is $733 from $980. We also found deals for Moncler and Fendi’s newest collaboration with Joshua Vides.

There isn’t a lot of inventory on any of these items. We suggest you spring into action now or find contentment in paying full retail.

Of course, the site also has a lot of end of season markdowns too. Here is a Bottega Veneta woven pouch for $1915 from $3100 and a Gucci small GG ring bag for $1590 from $2600. We added a lot of great finds to the images above.

After all, Fall fashion is the only reason to attempt to neutralize global warming… just joking. (Maybe!)


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