24S: Up to 25% Off New Collections

August 19, 2020 by Lila Delilah

This week, the Parisian-based, 24S is offering discounts that can save you up to 20% off on new season merchandise. The discounts are tired, so the more you spend the more you save.

15% off $150+ with the code CVD15
20% off $300+ with the code CVD20
25% off $500+ with the code CVD25
Beware, there are a lot of brand exclusions so you’re not getting away with saving 25% off a new Dior Book Tote but we found some hidden items that are included. (We put all the exclusions here if you want to get an overview before jumping into your scroll.)
Moncler is one of the excluded brands but the code works with both Moncler Genious and Moncler Grenoble. This Moncler with a fur pom comes to $266 from $355, a shiny black puffer is about $1480 from $1970 and this Genious/ Alyx collab jacket is $1500 from $2000. The men’s options are really good too. 
Givenchy is another brand included in the promotion. Elastic sneakers are $450 from $600 and a GV3 wallet on a chain is $937 from $1255. These JW Anderson loafers with an exaggerated chain have been catching our eye and come to $480 from $640. 
The site also has a very good sale section still. These Thom Browne loafers and this Loewe blazer are 70% off. 
24S  is also a great destination for full price designer merchandise because there is no tax or duties. The Dior section is always fully stocked with the latest and greatest and Louis Vuitton items are priced well under US Retail. This LV Freedom tote is $3410 from $4200 US retail and LV loafers are $550 from about $700 US retail. 

Remember, even if an item is full price, you’ll save by not paying sales tax or duties. It’s hard to compete with that.


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