Weekend Shopping: Impulses & Obsessions

July 12, 2020 by Lila Delilah

COVID cases are drastically accelerating in regions in the center of the country. Retailers are bracing themselves for regional lockdowns, which will further cripple the sector. The only saving grace seems to be the potential of another government stimulus packaging but partisan bickering may provide too little, too late.

The list of retailers filing for bankruptcy is quickly growing and that comes on the heels of JC Penny, J Crew, and Neiman Marcus. The list grew dramatically this week with the addition of Brooks Brothers, Sur La Table, Need Supply Company/ Totokaelo, and the beloved Japanese emporium, Muji.

Many of the largest US retailers canceled Summer deliveries. Despite the appearance of deep discounts, American shoppers will soon begin to notice that local department stores don’t have much inventory. Many stores aren’t accepting shipments until October/November.

Stores that didn’t cancel orders started receiving deliveries this week and we can already see responsive shifts. Gilt launched this season’s collection of Dior items at a much steeper discount than normal. Here are J’adore heels for $860 from $1050 and 30 Montaigne sandals for $700 from $900.

SSense has posted new Bottega Veneta styles for under retail prices. This heavy chain bag is $3335 from $3600 and these padded heels are $100 less than retail. This woven Pouch bag is on sale for $2100 from $3100 US. Other sale standouts include this Saint Laurent Lou Lou camera bag for $920 from $1250 and this Fendi Tresor is $890 from $1290.

The Italian boutique Coltori has new season deliveries for significant discounts compared to US prices.  This pearlized Bottega aqua pouch comes to $1700 from $2700 US retail, a classic woven clutch with a chain is $675 from about $1550 US retail, and shoes with an ankle coil strap are $916 from $1220 US retail. The site also has lots of new season Fendi, including a few items from the new Joshua Vides California Sky capsule. Here is the monogram canvas tote for $1200 from $2190 US and Zuca logo sandals are $555 from $750 US retail. See the full post for codes and additional discounts. 

The biggest sale news of the week was Net-A-Porter’s second markdown. Prices are now discounted  70% off. I spotted Tabatha Simmons ankle wrap shoes for $190 from $645 and Alexander Berman rainbow ankle strap shoes are $187 from $625. You can click here to read the full post.

Nordstrom is another retailer that’s been serving up some fantastic deals. Some current highlights are these Prada sandals for 50% off and these Manolo sandals for 60% off. Click over to see the post with all of our great finds.

Yesterday Farfetch discounted some items further. It’s difficult to call out prices on popular items as they tend to change quickly as inventories shift between retailers. Don’t miss this Rick Owens coat that’s $996 from $3300 or this Versace silk blouse for $525 from $1050.

Coming up this week I don’t expect to see more markdowns. Instead, stay tuned for promotions with discount codes.

Stay tuned. Until next time… same time, same place?


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