Mr. Porter Sale Begins Up to 50% Off

June 8, 2020 by Lila Delilah

If you weren’t 100% convinced that 2020 was wacky and upside-down, we have further evidence. Today, Mr. Porter started its seasonal markdown with discounts up to 50% off.  The sister site, Net-A-Porter won’t begin its public sale for about another week.

Usually, men’s sales start several weeks after women’s but that’s not the 2020 situation. Some of the discount highlights for men include the assortment of Common Project sneakers. This retro style is $232 from $465 and Tournament leather sneakers are $309 from $515.

Among the clothing, we found an Amiri tee for $180 from $300 and a Motley Crue collab sweatshirt is $474 from $790. Street style enthusiasts should check out the selection from Ev Bravado that’s now mostly all half off.  Embroidered jeans are $390 from $780 and a denim jacket is $275 from $550.

There are some great finds among the Tom Ford assortment. This belt is $400 from $800 and a wallet is $220 from $440. (Remember: Father’s Day!) Among the Off-White selection, there are sneakers for $250 from $500 and a hoodie with arrows is $250 from $450.

There will be more markdowns later in the season. The timing is the remaining question.


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