Italist Discounts Get Serious

May 13, 2020 by Lila Delilah

As European stores dive deep into sale season, we got a heads up that the multi-boutique platform Italist, was taking increased markdowns. We couldn’t help from taking a long scroll to see what deals we could find.

It might be a sign of the times but the discounts are unquestionably very good. Starting off in the Bottega Veneta edit we found the woven twisted sandals reduced under $1100 from nearly $1600 US retail. There are also lots of sizes still available. A full-size Pouch is just $1656 from $2700 US retail and a woven style is $2100 from $3100 US retail. All of the aforementioned items will cost you more even if you purchased them pre-owned.

Taking a spin through the Gucci selection, we spotted a floral print cube bag for $1400 from US retail of $2300, a Supreme quilted bag is $800 from $980 US retail and a blue leather Marmont with white piping is $1683 from $2300. Sizes are really spotty among the shoes but it’s worth a sort.

Other highlights throughout the site are this Saint Laurent Sulpice is $1590 from $2290 and Tribute sandals are $390 from $600. Golden Goose sneakers are $332 from about $550 US retail and a Prada PVC tote is $600 from $990.

This Italist merchandise will go fast once word gets out. We suggest that you don’t wait very making decisions. This is the magic moment where you get both a great selection and substantial savings.


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