Italist Discounts Get Serious (Con’t)

May 28, 2020 by Lila Delilah

As European stores dive deep into sale season, we got a heads up that the multi-boutique platform Italist added more merchandise to its sale section. We couldn’t help from taking –another –scroll to see what deals we could find.

Here is a Balmain blazer in pink for $850 from $2300 US retail. (This item is a great deal for under $1000 and this is even better.) This Celine logo tee is $273 from $400+ US retail and a Celine sweatshirt is $350 from $515. A Balenciaga swing shirt is $578 from $757.

Don’t miss a Golden Goose browse through the kid’s section. Here is GG pair for just $286 from $550-ish US and they are a size 36. This GG with a red star is $350 and available in a size 36 to size 40.

These Italist items will go fast once word gets out. We suggest that you don’t wait very making decisions. It feels like magic when you find a great selection and substantial savings.


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