Coltorti: Big Discounts on Classic Luxury

May 26, 2020 by Lila Delilah

We wouldn’t expect the end of this “socially distanced” holiday weekend to be a big transition but the entire experience felt like a compromise and not completely satisfying. To add a jolt of excitment we saved the best sale for last.

Right now, you can head over to Coltorti and save 20% off nearly everything on the site with the code DEALMOON20. The 20% off isn’t newsworthy in itself but it adds up to 40% to 50% off US retail and there are lots of great classic designer styles from which to shop.

The small YSL LE 61 bag comes to $1145 from $2050 US retail. That’s nearly half-off and there are even more classic styles like YSL Vicky is $1347 from $2000 US retail.  This Fendi tote is $1300 from $2400 US retail and Bottega Veneta heels are $480 from $870 US retail. See, the price difference is really extreme.  The code works on sale merchandise too.

Our advice is to search for items that are difficult to find discounted and not to hesitate. The selection is quickly dwindling and we don’t anticipate a restock any time soon. Just take note, that duties aren’t included and that could mean an extra 10% on items valued over $800.


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