LuisaViaRoma 30% Off

April 20, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Tonight I made homemade gnocchi, sipped Tuscan wine and ending the evening with a scroll through the Florence-based LuisaViaRoma. Right now, you can save 30% off the new collection with the temporary code L30 or 25% off with the standing code OFF25.

There are lots of exclusions but we found a few key items that are worthwhile using this discount. Start with Balenciaga, which includes almost all merchandise.  This new style Balenciaga quilted bag $1183 from nearly $1700 and BB leather slides are $416 from $600.  You can also apply the savings to Manolo Blahnik styles, including Hangisi and Lurums. These Lurums are $900 from $1300 and they come in lots of colors. Hangisi heels are $700 from $1000 and are also available in a full spectrum.

Most Loewe merchandise can be used with the codes. Sandals are $455 from $650 and a Gate bag is $1540 from $2200.  Some other finds include Saint Barth canvas tote is $84 from $120, a Versace poof skirt is $472 from $675,  and the little Coperni Baguette is $466 from $670.

These Proenza x Birkenstocks are a nice designer twist on the classic and come to  $294 from $420 and standard Birkenstock Arazonas are just $64. (I actually just ordered all my kid’s Birkenstocks for the Summer because these prices are so good.)

There is a time tracker for the 30% off code but it doesn’t seem to expire too quickly if you apply it to your cart and continue to shop. If all else fails, you always can save 25% off with the alternative code above.


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