Italist Begins July-Like Markdowns

April 16, 2020 by Lila Delilah

We all wait eagerly forward to Summer designer markdowns but how exciting would it be if you could get similar discounts today? Italist has already started to chisel away at prices on Spring ’20 merchandise. The additional savings on top of the currency difference adds to some big savings. You might even go as far as saying it’s as good as a first, or even second, markdown.

Take these Gucci Ace sneakers. They are currently $450 from $670 at Neiman Marcus. That’s a savings of nearly 40% off. This Gucci floral print bag is always a favorite of mine for spring and is $995 from $1690 from Saks. Some other standouts include this LE 61 Saint Laurent camera bag that’s $700 from nearly $1000 and the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote is $884 from $1150 US retail.

I am pretty sure that this Fendi terrycloth tote would have made its way to Instagram fame had this been a normal fashion season. Here it is for $1500 from $2690 US retail and is ready for its post-COVID-19 debut. This leather style Fendi tote from the same collection is $1000 less than it is at Fendi.

There are also some very good Valentino and Givenchy finds. This “V” belt is $360 from $525 US retail and a SuperVee bag is $1890 from $2875. Here are Amina Muadi heels that are $640 from nearly $1000 at stores here.

Italist’s prices may not seem so discounted when you are looking at the site straight on. We suggest you do a search for retail stores to get an accurate retail price. We don’t need to wait until July to pull the trigger. We can start enjoying now.


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