Finding Chanel Amidst a Pandemic

April 14, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Those in isolation understandably like to surround themselves with comfort items. For some people, comfort comes in the form of double-Cs. It happens that Chanel’s aversion to e-commerce has severely troubled shoppers at a time when most retail stores are closed.

Fulfilling your Chanel wishlist has become a struggle for many customers. Stores like Hirshleifers and Jefferys are able to provide shoppers with the new Chanel collections but are already running low on the most sought after items. I personally receive several emails and DMs daily about purchasing items all the while prices on the resale market are dropping nearly as quickly as crude oil.

For the past several weeks I’ve been tracking the prices of several Chanel items and some are relatively very well priced. Among the older and more inexpensive styles, I found contrast stitching top-handle bag is $725, a Camera bag is $1115, and this small Deauville Tote is $1970.  Some more recent styles include this 2.55 pouch with a chain handle that’s $1200, the new Chain bag is $1485, a chevron-quilted backpack is $3000 from $3400, and a quilted Jumbo Double Flap is $2250 from $6400.

This season most of the new tweed styles range in price from $3000 to $5000 but we found a lot of styles that are significantly less but still very current. This tweed Camilla 2.55 reissue is $2000, a double flap is $2400, a velvet and tweed Boy Bag is $2300 from $4000 and wool and a tweed messenger bag is $1440.

Fashionphile allows for returns, which makes it the most attractive retail destination when shopping from preowned merchandise. Even if it means paying a little bit extra, I like to have the option to review the item before fully committing.


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