Nordstrom 25% Off Sitewide

March 18, 2020 by Lila Delilah

We are living through unprecedented times. The world has never been so prominently connected. I couldn’t imagine hypothesizing what anything will feel like three days from now. It would be foolhardy to try to predict the future of retail.

What I do know is that Nordstrom is the first retailer to react to the current global state. Technically, beginnings at 9am on Wednesday, the retailer will be hosting a site-wide event where all merchandise will be 25% off. You can start shopping right now by looking for the items marked “Extra Savings.” The discount is revealed once you cart your item. The big designers are all excluded but this is nonetheless a big sign of what’s to come. 

Nordstrom is just the first to make bold promotional statement.  We expect that there will be many more to come. During the great financial crisis, in 2008, Saks was the first retailer to slash prices dramatically in order to move inventory in a quickly receding economy. You can click here and read the post from 2008. (The comments section is where you will find the most interesting information.)
This pandemic is a much different situation than the Great Recession as almost all major retailers have closed. By the time this vail of safety is lifted, it’s very likely the Spring fashion season will be over.
The one thing we know for sure is that life will return to normal in the near-ish future. Our kids’ feet still grow and many will need new sneakers. Wearing sweatpants and pajamas all day will become boring and a delivery of fresh fashion might be exactly what you need to add a little happiness to your day.   
Jumping right in, I plan to order new sneakers. This season, retro Reeboks are the most popular style. This pair is $52 from $70. I am also eyeing some Nili Lotan pieces that work well for at home and on city streets. These classic cargo pants come to $243 from $325. Aviator Nation is included in the promotion. This hoodie is $126 from $170. An Off-White utility belt is $146 from $195.
The sale also extends to beauty. It wouldn’t be bad to jump on a Diptyque, Dyson or La Mer purchase. These brands are usually excluded in promotions. 
I don’t know what will happen in the future but I know the power of retail and how much fashion makes us happy. Even a small purchase can brighten someone’s day and it will forever remind you of this moment. I still have many of my “2008 moments” tucked away in my closet. 

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