Scoring Bottega Veneta For Less

February 20, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Under Daniel Lee’s creative direction Bottega Veneta has seized the attention of the fashion world. There is no other brand is currently turning out hit-after-hit. At 33-years-old Daniel Lee is the first designer to win four British Fashion Council awards in one year–Brand of the year, accessories designer of the year, women’s wear and designer of the year.

As Daniel Lee fights to be more an It-bag, shoppers remain in sticker shock. The now-famous Pouch debuted at $2400 but in just months jumped to $2700. The extra price hardly matters to those that needed to have It. The Bottega Veneta must-have items expanded and the Cassette Bag and various shoe styles have become part of the front row uniform.

Finding these items for less can be difficult considering that they sell out as quickly as they come in. There are, however, a few places to stalk if you’re looking to grab some classic BV for less.

The most dependable destination for advantageously priced Bottega is Italist. Right now, you can find a classic black Pouch for about $2000 or $700 less than it would be in the US. As an added bonus there is no sales tax or duties, which means New Yorkers can theoretically save a total of $970 from ordering from Italist. The merchandise comes directly from stores in Europe, which allows for the currency benefit.

Some other standout items include sandals with an ankle wrap for $900 from $1200 US, the newly released Jodi bag in suede for $1825 from $2450 US, and the low heel with a buckle is $746 from $970 US.

Another strategy is to search for your desired product on European sites. Net-A-Porter’s European site ships internationally for free and you can save a little too on the currency conversion. The small Pouch is about $1100 once you convert from Euros. The US price is $1390 for the same item. The Cassette bag is about $2375 from $2800 US and the woven version of the large Pouch is about $2600 from $3100 in the US.

Other sites worth scrolling are the LVMH owned 24S. The large Pouch is $2500 from $2700, and again, no sales tax. (Take note, not all items are priced less than the US.)

From time to time, hot Bottega items pop up on the Italian, Coltorti boutique and there is usually a coupon to add even more savings. We also suggest checking LuisaViaRoma and Tessabit.

Be careful. Not all European stores offer savings. Selfridges, for example,  has the small size Pouch in assorted colors for $1155 from $1390 US but once you add duty and shipping the savings is minimal.


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