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February 5, 2020 by Lila Delilah

If I had a dollar for every time a salesperson told me that Moncler wasn’t going on sale this season…well, I wouldn’t be writing this post. (Okay. Yes, I would. It’s a labor of love.)

As we always anticipated, Moncler will go on sale and it has. Today started a semi-coordinated markdown on Moncler outerwear. That means that local retailers throughout the city all put the French puffer jackets on sale today. Online shoppers should focus on Neiman Marcus.

In the woman’s department, a houndstooth style is now $1990 from $2845, a pink plaid style is $1000 from $2000 and a classic black matte style is $1582 from $2260. The selection is just as good for men. We suggest you grab any of the styles offered by Neiman Marcus right now because a full range of sizes is still available. That won’t be the case for very long and the store is very good at marching prices or making adjustments if there is another markdown.

Saks Fifth Avenue already took a double markdown on Moncler during the last week of January and reduced many other styles on Thursday. The initial sale items already hit 70% off and they blew out very fast.  For example, this reversible floral print jacket went down to about $600 at Saks.

There are some discounted Moncler jackets on the Bergdorf Goodman but some styles are priced a little higher than at Neiman Marcus. This cropped style is a good price at $780 from $1115 and this powder blue style, which looks lighter weight, is $812 from $1160. It’s a good idea to cross-reference prices and sizes between the two sites.

The instore selection at Bergdorf Goodman is a leased space. That means that it’s run and managed by Moncler as if it’s a private boutique. The same goes for the Moncler assortment at the Bloomingdales flagship. You’ll notice that there a lot of the same styles on the Bloomingdales site but there are no discounts. We expect that they will come later in the week.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. A big markdown like this can be a lot to digest. Just remember, that Moncler does go on sale and if you don’t catch it at this moment there will be opportunities in the future.


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