Inside NordstromRack: Gucci, Valentino & Louboutin

February 6, 2020 by Lila Delilah

This week, I was in the Union Square area and decided to take a peek into Nordstrom Rack. I’m not always the biggest fan of off-price retailers because prices are often higher than end-of-season markdowns. The potential of finding a hidden gem is enough to keep me going back. And I’m glad I did.

You’ll immediately notice a full rack of runway Gucci. Before you get too excited, most of the items look like they are from the Spring 2016 collection. That means, lots of rainbows and sequins, which are important Alessandro Michele fashion moments but seem a little dated not yet retro. A Gucci knit with a dog in a bow-tie is $900 from $2300 and a dress with a sequined collar and a striped pleated bottom is $2000 from $8585. You can click here to see pictures.

Higher-end finds are harder to find online. There are Valentino Rockstud stock booties for $381 from $1145. A Catherine Malandrino cashmere sweater with fox fur sleeves is $165  and a Tom Ford Natalia bag is $862 from $1930.

My next in-store observation was the wayward clothing hanging on a carousel marked “Revive”. It’s a collection of Rent The Runway castoffs. The selection is quite awful and is interchangeable with what you would expect to find in a Goodwill store but for a lot more money. A washed-out black hoodie from Goen J is $99 and an Apiece Apart knit is the same price from a “suggested retail” of $545. You can see the sorry items over here.

If you sift among the standard clearance racks there are some decent finds. A Rocksanda dress with bell sleeves is $500 from $1440, but again, it looks dated. If you had it, you might wear it, but it an expensive investment for this moment. A Jason Wu herringbone blazer is $189 from $700 and a Frame leopard print blazer is $181 from $595. Click for pics.

The shoe department might serve up the most luck. Gianvitto Rossi velvet booties are $116 from $875, Saint Laurent high heel sandals are $300 from $900 and one pair very ugly square toe Christian Louboutin shoes in a size 35 is $200 from $625.

As expected, I left empty-handed. In my book, that’s a successful day.

Gucci $900 from $2330

Gucci $2000 from $8585

Gucci $800 from $1980

Gucci $1500 from $5175

Gucci $900 from $2290


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