Get Ready: Global Fashions Sample Sale

February 21, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Global Fashions is set to have its first sample sale of 2020. The showroom is fully stocked with new season shipments directly from Valentino. The best part is that the studs are plentiful and the discounts are rocking.

Prices will run a little differently than usual. For this sale, the newest collection will be indicated with a silver sticker and discounts for shoes, bags, and accessories will be 60% off and clothing will be reduced 75% off. Older merchandise– or items that don’t have a silver sticker on the tag– will be 70% off for shoes, bags and accessories and 85% off clothing.

I personally requested a full stock of Rockstud shoes and my wish was granted. You can see pictures over here in the jump. Most styles are 60% off retail. Most single color and bi-color Rockstud heels come to about $400 from $1000. Some of my favorite combinations are the blue patent heels with a nude stud background or the black patent heels with matte black studs.

The bag selection is nearly as good. There are lots of white studded “Candy Bags”. A pink bag with white studs comes to $618 from $1545 and a classic black leather Rockstud  Boston-style bag is $938 from $2345. The sweetest small black leather camera bag with black Rockstuds and gems is $738 from $1845. You can see pictures right this way.

The selection for men is really very good too. There is a large assortment of Valentino sneakers and backpacks. The clothing selection is also great with plenty of sweaters, jackets, and suits. We even spotted a VLTN basketball. Click for pics.

This is one of the best assortments we’ve seen at a Global Fashions sample sale for some time. No restocking is planned. I suggest you make time to attend the sale first thing Monday morning because we all know what items will go first.

Global Fashions Sample Sale
Monday, February 24 through Wednesday, February 26
9am-6pm daily
49 West 38th Street


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