Fashion Week Trends: The Amorphous Clutch

February 11, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Fashion week is heating up. We are serving up all smoking hot trends while we get through a marathon of shows. These top trends are what you can expect to see on the street and in the pages of your favorite fashion magazines, next fall.

Left: The Row, Top: Area, Bottom: Ulla Johnson

Bottega Veneta released the now-famous Pouch this past Summer and the minimalistic clutch skyrocketed to the top of the fashion ecosystem. The oversized amorphous accessory was offered in a variety of colors and found tucked under the armpit and on the ‘gram of every Insta-star. The bag was subsequently duped by contemporary brands and has made its way down the fashion ecosystem to Amazon copies.

Amazon isn’t the only “fashion house” to try and capitalize on the iconic style. This season, we’ve already seen numerous designers offering their own interpretation of the oversized amorphous clutch. The Row’s 10th-anniversary collection was precise in cut, layering, and styling. By no coincidence, oversized supple leather bags were highlighted neatly tucked into the forearm. It’s unclear if there is a handle once the bag is unfolded.

NYC homegrown, Ulla Johnson showed lots of leather on her runway and offered of contrasting pops of color via an oversized, you guessed it, clutch. Johnson’s iteration has a prominent frame top and a thick gold chain, which looks more like an accessory than it was added for practical uses.

Area’s Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk haven’t received the notoriety of some designers of their generation but it’s long overdue. The newest collection showcased their structural aptitude with lots of architectural looks that highlighted exaggerated looks. It was not surprising to see a duffle shaped styled as a clutch. The bag seems to have a strap but the size would normally be used as a weekend bag rather than an under the arm style.

We have no doubt that this is only the start of this Bottega Pouch reinterpretation. You can accomplish a similar look right now by tucking away the strap of a supple bag. There are a few suggestions above. Feel free to call out more designers taking inspiration from the amorphous underarm silhouette.


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