Fashion Week: Sally LaPointe

February 12, 2020 by Lila Delilah

What’s most interesting about Sally LaPointe is her ability to stay true to a monochromatic aesthetic but still turn out a collection every season that seems fresh, timely and interesting.

This collection was comprised of bold color statement-making ensembles that were glamorous and urban. There was an electric chartreuse segment that was followed by sea green, royal purple and later unfolded into holographic sequins.

Each individual look was assembled from various materials and fabrications. There was slinky double-faced satin, stiff patent leather, eye-catching latex, rich furs, chunky knits and supple leather combined together to form the perfect balance of layer and texture. You can click here to see more pictures.

I’ve never seen LaPoite show an outfit that didn’t glow with glam. One attendee was wearing a full runway look from the prior collection, which was novel to see in the backdrop of a “in the wild” on Varik street. Even off the runway, the outfit looked opulent and tasteful and that’s even with the oversized hat.

I just hope that as Lapointe becomes more of a household name that she stays true to the spirit of luxury and quality. While shopping this season, I noticed a pair of the designer’s track pants and was thoroughly disappointed that the fabrication was similar to those offered by Adidas.

Lapointe’s individual items might draw inspiration from the current trends but the overall look is classic. Right now you can find a lot of pieces for up to 85% off. You might even be lucky and find a full ensemble in your size. Here is are soft yellow silk straight-leg pants for $258 from $1290 and the coordinating shearling and cashmere sweater is $260 from $1300. You can also opt for the same color suede skirt that’s $765 from $2550. Above are a few more outfit ideas comprised of Sally Lapointe items that are on sale now.


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