The It-IT: Versace

January 28, 2020 by Lila Delilah

The most talked-about moment of the entire SS2020 fashion month was when JLo emerged in an updated rendition of her iconic Versace tropical jungle print Grammy’s dress. The fashion world went wild as the 50-year-old proved that everything gets better with time.

The heat hasn’t died. Last week, Versace released its Spring-Summer ad campaign showcasing JLo as the star. Sunday’s Superbowl will fuel the flames fashion as the half-time will star JLo and you can bet she will be wearing, you guessed it, Versace.

Retailers are also taking big bets that Versace will be a fashion star this Summer. Moda Operandi is already almost sold out of the offering the $7000 jungle dress worn by JLo on the Milan runway. A  less revealing and less expensive $1700 version is also running low in sizes.

We are officially calling Versace this Summer’s biggest trend. We don’t forecast that medusa prints will be worn head-to-toe a la Kris Jenner but there are a few key iconic Versace pieces that can enhance your Summer wardrobe. A silk blouse, bathing suit, a headband or a bustier top are a good start.

Versace mania hasn’t quite lit up yet and you can still find some pieces on sale. Here is a Versace tee for $250 from $500, printed leggings are $252 from $512, shorts are $318 from $800 and a bucket hat is $200 from $800.

The Versace hit is just another reason to hold on to what’s good. The iconic vintage styles have surpassed new season retail prices. Sometimes old is better than new, just ask JLo.


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