Neiman Marcus Consolidation Sale: Extra 20% Off (Pics)

January 16, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Over the course of this past week, Neiman Marcus hubs have been accepting deliveries from satellite stores all over the country. The annual ritual, which is referred to as the consolidation sale event kicks off on Thursday morning at stores and will come with the added bonus of an additional 20% off. The extra 20% off will be available online officially on Friday but we have a feeling it will go live sooner.

I took the journey to Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus, which is essentially a day trip from the Upper East Side. There is no fast way to go get there and back. It’s a horror. I digress.

All shoes are reduced up to 70% off. The promotional discount will bring some shoe styles to close to 80% off. The sale selection is organized on racks, in their boxes, with their mates. The display has a feel of Marshalls or DSW but, on the bright side, you don’t need to ask anyone for assistance. From a retail standpoint, it’s probably a missed opportunity for both the store and the customer to create relationships. This layout, however, is probably just easier for everyone. Here are some pictures.

Among the sale styles, there are plentiful options from Manolo Blahnik, Tom Ford, YSL, Givenchy Christian Louboutin and a scattering of Gucci. You can click here to see pictures. Remember all prices will be an additional 20% off starting Thursday. Some of the online standouts include YSL Opyum boots that will be about $600 from $1700 once the additional discount kicks in. Manolo sandals will be $240 from $700, and Givenchy boots will $450 from $1300.

The bag selection at the store is dismal. There are a few Loewe sacs and various Louboutin options, which aren’t very desirable even after the additional discount. You can see pictures here. The online selection isn’t any better.

The racks of sale clothing are not plentiful at Hudson Yards. We wouldn’t suggest taking the trip if you’re seriously shopping for sale clothing.  Some current options that remain are this Missoni sweater that comes to $450 from $1450, a classic Alaia dress will come to about $1200 from $4000 and this Balmain classic mini dress will be $640 from $2000.

There are a lot of Moncler options online. This Moncler short jacket is available in all sizes and will come to $600 from $950 and fans of yellow can snatch up this Rhin style for $800 from nearly $1400. I’m personally a bigger fan of this reversible floral print style when the pattern is worn on the inside. This plaid version is nice too and still full price at Moncler boutiques.

Remember, the consolidation sale and added promotion will happen at stores on Thursday but the extra discount won’t be available online until Friday. (Or so, they say.) We suggest you take this extra time to leisurely scroll through all the sale options and then edit down your picks to what you really want.

Hudson Yards: Sheryl (formerly of Barneys) text 646-584-4835
Paramus: Rachel 551-284-9054

Loewe $150 from $350

Givenchy $310

YSL $310

Tom Ford $480

$360 from $990

Manolo $260 from $725

Celine $360 from $990

Gucci $415 from $890

Louboutin $260 from $725

Dior $570 from $1055

Gucci $800 from $2000

Dior $380 from $1050

Givenchy $310 from $895


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