Department Store Holiday Shipping Deadlines

December 23, 2019 by Lila Delilah

You know it’s the holiday season when you need to walk alongside cars to avoid slow-walking tourists. There are few things less appealing than rushing from Saks to Bergdorfs while pedestrian traffic comes to a complete stop.

The hours to take advantage of free shipping is ticking away quickly. Lucky, most New York stores will offer a messenger service for free or a small fee. Store prices tend to range from $15 to $30. Many times, retailers will wave the fee for expensive purchases. It never hurts to ask.

Below is your guide to getting your gift there on time from our local department stores– along with how much it will cost.

Bergdorf Goodman
Messenger: $30
Get it there: Free two-day shipping BGRUSH
Deadline: 12/23 at 12:00PM CT
Gift Wrapping: Free silver box with lavender ribbon
Returns: Free
Discount: Up to 70%

Get it there free: Express shipping is no longer available
Same-day delivery: ($20)12/24/16 1:00PM EST in California, Illinois, New Jersey & Washington D.C
In-Store pickup deadline: 12/24/16 2PM EST
Gift Wrapping: $5 white bottom and blacktop with elastic bow
Discount: Up to 60%

Neiman Marcus
Get it there free: Free overnight NMQUICK
Deadline: 12/23 Noon CT
Same Day Messenger: $30
Gift Wrapping: $7 Silver box and a red bow with a gift tag
Discount: Up to 60%

Get it there: Expedited Shipping
Deadline: 12/23 12:00PM EST Saturday delivery $20
In-Store Pickup: 12/24 order by 3pm
Gift Wrapping: Not available on all items but the $2 gift set include a gift box, tissue paper, a silver ribbon, and a gift tag
Discount: Up to 60%

Saks Fifth Avenue
Messenger: $10 within NYC
Get it there: Express shipping is no longer available
Gift Wrapping: Free black box with snowflakes, red bottom, and red ribbon
Discount: Up to 60%


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