Christian Louboutin Sample Sale Is NOW

December 10, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Markdown season has turned our attention away from most sample sales but the Christian Louboutin sample sale raising so many questions that it’s too hard to ignore. Before you get too excited, you must remember that this sale is by “invitation only.” (That’s despite the fact that CL employees have been goating our Instagram DMs. I think they miss the attention.)


The sale officially kicked off to the most “important fashion insiders” on Monday. That’s mainly Instagram stars and magazine editors. The sale extends through the rest of the week as the invited guest list expands to allow the general press and “friends and family.”

During past seasons, prices start at $200 but most styles are in the $300-range. The most expensive style of shoes are $750. A majority of the heels and studded variety pumps are priced between $250 and $400. For example, Pigalle black studded heels were $300 from about $1100. Last season, there were options for men’s sneakers and shoes too. **You can see pictures from inside the sale here. **

Remember, it’s no longer 2008 and Christian Louboutin no longer dominates the shoe section. Prices at the sample sale have scaled back over recent years but there is still a buying limit. Last season customers were allowed to buy up to 12 pairs of shoes. Men were reported to buy more than most women. We would suspect that most of these shoes are resold on Poshmark or the like.

The appointment system makes it so that the wait isn’t very long. To RSVP you will need to have a validated email address, which will be used as an access code. The good news is that each invitee can have TWO guests but they must be registered under the host’s account. If you do attend, be sure to pack a credit card with a high spending limit.

Louboutin fans who don’t have an invite can wait for the department store markdowns, which should be in about two weeks. Fear not, we found some other– less obvious– options to shop for red bottoms online right now. Use the above scroll to see what we found.

Before heading out, you can browse the Christian Louboutin in-store sale section in this post. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates and (fingers crossed) pictures from inside the sale.

Christian Louboutin Invite Only Sample Sale
Monday, Dec 9 through Friday, Dec 13
11am to 6pm
342 West 37th Street


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