Chanel Private Sale Details

December 3, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Chanel is one of the hardest brands to track during the markdown season. The company is secretive and riddled with rules that are always changing. This season, Chanel is hosting a private sale of last year’s merchandise with a discount of 40%.

Chanel sales are comprised of merchandise over one year old and this season’s markdown will follow the same formula. The sales selection is comprised of Pre-Fall 2018, Fall “Act 1” 2018, Fall runway 2018 and some Coco Neige styles from late winter 2018 deliveries.

The sale will officially go live on Friday, December 6. Some stores are allowing presale. Other stores won’t allow the merchandise to even be previewed until Friday. Before you get too excited, there are no bags included in the markdown. Most of the sale selection is comprised of clothing. There is also a bit of jewelry and shoes.

Today’s snow slowed down our “fieldwork” but we were able to gather some pictures. You can click here to see what we put together. We will be sure to update this post as we assemble more details. Below is a list of salespeople who specialize in Chanel.

Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards: Warren 929-458-1439
Neiman Marcus Paramus: Christina: 201-417-2848
Neiman Marcus: Rachel 917-324-5578
Chanel boutique 57th Street: Christina 347-851-1684
Saks NYC (RTW): Sook 646-236-5336
Saks Shoes: Jaime 347-850-5526
Hirshleifers: Tova 516-627-3566
Jeffery NYC: Michelle 212-206-1272
SF Chanel Philip: 650-492-9072
Stacy Saks Phoenix: (610) 637-1429

Chanel Madison Avenue

Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards: Warren 929-458-1439
Limited shoe sizes

Chanel Boutique Pictures

Neiman Marcus: Rachel 917-324-5578

Neiman Marcus Paramus– Christina: 201-417-2848

New York Neiman Marcus: Warren 929-458-1439

Nordstrom; North Carolina


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