A Decade of Shopping Mania Induced Trends (Part 1)

December 29, 2019 by Lila Delilah

There is a heartwarming nostalgia that occurs when sifting and sorting through a decade of posts. More than once I gasped while reading about brands that have come and gone and fads that hit hard and fizzled.

Who can forget the high hopes of Coach veteran Reede Krakoff or the final days of Henri Bendels? Can you remember Moshi Moshi phones from Lesters?  There’s even a 2013 post about Rainbow Loom. (I still have zip locks filled with tinny rubberbands if anyone needs.)

In the same vein, it’s comforting to see how much has stayed the same. We still love Rimowa luggage as much as we did in 2010. A Cartier Love bracelet is as cherished as it was in 2012 even if it will cost you 75% more.  How about the staying power of the Gucci loafer, which first appeared in a gift guide in 2014? The mini-designer bag was first mentioned on the blog in 2012 but only last year did Jacqumus really amplify the trend with the Chiquita.

Below is half of a two-part series listing the top 10 the most talked-about fashion moments of the decade:


1. Christian Louboutin Shoes
Trends have started moving so quickly that it’s almost unimaginable that any brand could maintain the frenzied desirability of Christian Louboutin. The French brand was the footwear leader at the start of the decade. Not until 2017 did shoppers show any sign of red sole fatigue. The brand has lost considerable relevancy among the fashion set but discount shoppers are celebrating in the demise as markdowns become more frequent. An influential shoe buyer recently confided that the Louboutin department store footprint would be tremendously diminished if the spaces weren’t leased by the brand.  Even Louboutin’s recent sample sale revealed inventory levels that literally hit the ceiling even on the last day of the sale. Let’s hope for Mr. Louboutin that Cardi-B breaks out another song and keeps the feeding tube connected while Loubs remain on-trend life support into 2020.

2. Celine Luggage Tote
It was love at first sight. The sexy curves, the demure logo stamp, and various color options made the Celine Luggage tote the biggest fashion get of 2011. Kirna Zabête had an exclusive with Celine and a waiting list a mile long. Retail prices started at $1800 but three months later the price jumped to $2000. Those who deliberated the purchase were penalized handsomely as the retail price for the Luggage Tote quickly raised to over $3000. This was the first time fashion lovers experienced price increases at such whiplashing speed. Today, it’s almost expected that an item’s cost will jump in tandem with popularity. The Dior Book tote and Bottega Veneta Pouch are two more recent examples of rapid price jumping.

3. Normcore
If it wasn’t published, did it happen? I tried my very best to ignore the Normcore movement but it had an undeniable influence on pop culture and fashion. Basic daddy sneakers led to the craze for the Balenciaga Triple S. Land’s End fleece vests now define Finstagram memes –the financial niche of Instagram. Visco girls currently represent the lowest common denominator of fashion or lack-there-of. All play a part in the Normcore culture, which still seems too irritating to even acknowledge but undeniably represent a segment of fashion and trend for the decade.

4. Logomania 

What’s the opposite of Normcore? Logomania. It was almost two years ago when we first started discussing the phenomena of covering oneself in head-to-toe logos. Fendi, Gucci, Dior and more, more, more. Logomania has evolved a bit but dripping in your favorite designer duds hasn’t really abated. Like everything, a little discretion is advised if you don’t want to look like Neiman Marcus exploded all over you.

5. Lashes
When I first conquered the trend of hyper exaggerated lashes, in 2012, I thought of it as an anti-aging strategy. Afterall, sagging cheeks, droopy eyelids, a falling butt, and deflated boobs all require a lot more invasive remedies. Lashes seemed like a safe start. Little did I know that extensions, falsies and a rotating carousel of mascara formulas would dominate the beauty conversation for the better part of the decade. The main topic has more recently moved up the face to eyebrows and made fashion victims out of those still maintaining their spider-leg resembling lashes.


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