Sample Sale Alert: PRADA

November 16, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Prada just announced that it will be holding a sample sale later this week, hosted by 260 Sample Sale.  The invitation says the sale is private but it was sent to anyone on the 260 Sample Sale email distribution list. This is the first time the Italian brand has hosted a sample sale in nearly 10 years.

You can read our post about the last Prada sample sale in 2009 over here and here is a deeper look into the 2008 sale with pictures.  These prior sales occurred in a pre-Instagram era, and the comment sections are as insightful as the posts themselves. You’ll notice that markdowns started at only 50% off but then tilted towards 90% during the last moments of the sale.

You will also notice that shoppers waited two to three hours to get into the sales, which seems in-line with the wait at big sales today. The most noticeable difference is that the first shoppers reported getting to the sale at 6:30am. You can bet that this year, shoppers will arrive at least five hours prior to opening.

This year’s Prada sale will begin on Tuesday for VIPs and then will open to the public on Wednesday. Cameras will be prohibited and phone lenses will be taped closed. There will also be a four bag limit for each shopper.

We are told that this year’s sale will be comprised of an assortment of bags, shoes, and clothing. We think there will be a huge amount of shoes and bags but we don’t believe that discounts will be drastic. Prices are likely to be in-line with the boutique’s normal markdown of 50% off and then shift into higher reductions later in the week. We don’t anticipate that discounts will hit 90% as they did a decade ago.

Prada has had a difficult time in the new era of retail. Despite adding e-commerce to its site, resurrecting the Linea Rossa collection and creating a streetwear aesthetic, Prada still hasn’t been able to grab a foothold with Millennial shoppers. A Prada insider disclosed that annual sales at the Soho Flagship store was $24 million in 2014 but was only $12 million last year. (These numbers have not been confirmed.)

In anticipation of the big sample sale, local retailers are slashing Prada and Miu Miu prices ahead of the official designer sales. Friday night, Saks Fifth Avenue sent a VIP link New Yorkers offering 40% off Prada and Miu Miu shoes and bags and 50% off clothing. You can use this link and the code ALMDZMS to engage the Saks discounts.

Saturday morning, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman made a similar move and sent VIP links to New Yorkers. The discounts are the same: 40% off shoes and bags and 50% off clothing.

Some of the online highlights include these chunky lace-up Miu Miu boots that are now $570 from $950, a rose-print turtleneck is $780 from $1560, a Miu Miu leather miniskirt is $750 from $1500, and the 3-D floral dress that was practically a sell-out at stores is now $2340 from $4680. This nylon belt bag is $495 from $825, a card case is $186 from $310,  and this quilted crossbody is $930 from $1550. Anything with bananas or tie-dye is from older collections and have been previously discounted much deeper.

We will be sure to keep you posted about the sample sale and add information as it’s received. Please feel free to do the same in the comment section below.

Prada Sample Sale (by 260 Sample Sale)
Wednesday, November 20 through Saturday, November 23
10am-8pm daily
150 Greene Street


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