Saks Presale Begins 40% Off

November 14, 2019 by Lila Delilah
Saks Fifth Avenue will begin it’s seasonal presale Thursday morning. We headed over early today to start gathering information about what shoppers can expedct.. The markdown is 40% off on most items and the selection has some unexpected twists. The sale officially goes live online on Monday.

The main floor of handbags is a little hard to navigate. Many of the spaces are leased by the brands and not cooperating in the markdown right now. For example, YSL bags in NYC will not be part of the presale but will be available at a discount at other Saks stores throughout the country. The same is true for Louboutin. Valentino bags at the 5th Avenue will be discounted by 40%. A Mini Rockstud crossbody in light blue and light green will be $807 from $1345.

You can click here to see some pictures of what’s included in the markdown. We have non-NYC Saks contacts listed below.

The presale racks weren’t erected on Wednesday but we had a few helpful spies to assist in curating a selection of pictures. The Gucci selection consists of some classic style Princetowns, sneakers, and a variety of sandals and slides.  These Gucci sandals are already available in blue for the sale price of $247 from $500. The green, pink and brown should be reduced online soon.

Balenciaga Triple S sneakers and Speedrunners are part of this season’s markdown. The SSS’s are available in a variety of colors and come to $680 from $975. We have pictures in the jump and also tagged the styles above so that you can add them to your cart when the sale goes live online.

The Saks shoe selection also will consist of a great assortment of Manolo Blahniks heels and flats and Valentino Rockstuds. Valentino shoes are discounted by 30%. Black-on-black
Rockstuds will be $591. Louboutin shoes will be reduced by 30%. Leopard Pigalle Follies will be $521 from $745.

Fendi, Givenchy and Jimmy Choo shoes will also round out the collection fo sale shoes. We have lots of pictures in the jump and will be sure to add more as they become available.

If there is an item you like that’s on presale at Saks, we suggest you jump on the opportunity. We’ve listed lots of contact information. The sale goes live online on Monday (and more designers on Tuesday). It wouldn’t be a bad idea to fill your cart now and use the weekend to edit.

Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship
Shoes: Jaimi @saks_private_shopping 347-850-5526 (Text only)
Valentino Bags: Mo 212-940-4175 (text only)

Saks Boca, FL:
Louboutin Shoes: Jay @jaysaksboca
561-537-9468 (Text only)


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