Discounts at Barneys Begin

November 4, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Update Nov. 15: Barneys is offering a discount of an extra 10% off. Click here to see what’s available, which is about the same as what we found on the site last week.  

Clocks have dialed back but Barneys is springing forward with its a plan to begin inventory liquidation. Today the first wave of nominal discounts passed down throughout the store and online.

Most items have are currently discounted either 5% of 10%, depending on the brand. If you’re looking for more savings, we suggest you wait until after November 15. That’s when all purchases become final sale and when we believe the better markdowns will begin.

For now, you can use this time shop for items you might never see on sale. Hermes housewares are now 10% off. It’s not sample sale discounts but there is no line either. This Balcon print ashtray is $635 from $700. (People must be buying them because there is only one left already.) Little square plates in the same print are $85 now.  The same 10% discount has been applied to Baccarat.

Moving out of housewares and into fashion, most Gucci is reduced by 5%. Sizes are already running thin for Brixton loafers. Delveaux bags are discounted by 5%. YSL is 5% off too. Balmain clothing is reduced 10% off.

Take note, Goyard is a leased space at Barneys that merchandise was never part of the Barneys inventory. Goyard will not be discounted. Loewe, Celine, Fendi, and Givenchy are not reduced at all, which leads us to believe that they will be removed from the store momentarily.

We wouldn’t suggest you buy anything that you wouldn’t normally have purchased at full price. We are sure more aggressive markdowns are to come but don’t think that the best items will survive to rock bottom. As you can see from the inventory levels of Gucci loafers, even a little discount drives customers on when the item is wanted.


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