Chanel: Official Price Increase

November 1, 2019 by Lila Delilah

The Halloween -scaries are mostly all putaway today but our biggest fright has become official. Chanel’s new pricing is now live and the price hikes are confirmed.

The price change in the US is not nearly as extreme as we were initially told. Classic and Reissue bag styles are $200 more and Boy Bags are an extra $100. You can see the official new pricing in the below chart. (Click in the image to view the numbers more clearly.)

Unfortunately, the European market isn’t as lucky. According to SpottedFashion, Chanel prices in the Eurozone have increased by 7%. In France, a Wallet on a Chain has increased by €150 to €2150 and a medium classic is €300 more for a total of €5150.

Shoppers have questioned the virtue of a Chanel bag purchase as prices begin to move closer to those at Hermes. Many long-time Chanel fans have stated dismay in the deteriorating quality of newly manufactured purses. Other customers have aired issues with Chanel’s customer service.

Hermes, on the other hand, has maintained its hand-made manufacturing heritage and will service a bag to the best of their ability regardless of its age. Hermes bags also have been proven to hold their value on the resale market better than Chanel.

What are your thoughts on the new prices? Are Chanel bags worth the expense? Will you buy a preowned bag or a new one?


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