Obsessions & Impulses: Bottega Price Hike and Great Finds

October 4, 2019 by Lila Delilah

This week’s installment of Obsessions & Impulses brings  news of a Bottega Veneta price hike. The price hike started today at all brand owned retail stores.

The prices on many popular items were raised $100 to $200. Classic smooth Pouches are now $2500 from $2400, the woven style is now $3100 from $2950 and the small variety is about $100 more expensive too.  (Metallic color Pouch prices remain the same.) Cassette bags are the next most popular style at BV and prices were bumped to $1900 from $1800. The Nodini, which doesn’t have as much traction is $50 more at $1700. Those boots you saw all over the runway and are almost sold out are now $1150 from $990.

I suggest you move now if you have a Bottega Veneta bag under consideration. The new prices have not been populated in other stores. Saks Fifth Avenue has a large style pouch available in white and brown for $2400. Farfetch has a blue and blush for the $2400. If you’re looking for a Cassette bag Harrod’s has them for $1456 ($1550 with taxes). Saks skill has some Cassette bags for $1800 but the new colors are priced at $1900. Here are the boots for the $990 price but there aren’t a lot of sizes left.

In other news, I’ve have been locking eyes with the matte black square toe Balenciaga slides ($695) and this Veronica Beard denim blazer ($500). Both are sale-worthy stalking.

This week, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus are hosting friends and family sales. The discount is 25% off most verticals but the exclusion list is immense. Yoox is hosting a sale where designer merchandise is discounted up to 90% off. It takes a lot of scrolling but there are some great finds.

24S is my favorite online store. Right now they are hosting a promotion where most designer items are 15% off with the code HAPPY15. There are only a few designer exclusions like LV, Celine, Dior and Gucci. The code also works with sale items. Some of my top picks are in the scroll above.

Keep your eyes on this space over the weekend. I’ll be sure to add new items as I scroll through. Also, feel free to send over any hot tips.


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