Moncler Genius Showroom Sale

October 18, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Moncler Genius started a sale at their Showroom on Wednesday morning. Initially, shoppers needed to show corporate ID and an invite to gain access. As the week has progressed the door policy has become less stringent and more shoppers have arrived.

Inside, you will find a variety of Moncler jackets, vests, clothing and accessories for men and women.  Most of the merchandise is this season’s collection and the men’s assortment includes collaboration items with Palm Angles. Down puffer jackets start at $450 but most are $900. Fur ski jackets are $2000, ski pants are $150, vests are priced mostly at about $500, and sweaters are $200. Sizes and styles have started to dwindle and the line has continued to balloon.

Officially, this sale is not open to the public but names have not been checked stringently all day Friday. The door policy can change at any moment. The sale will be open all day on Saturday if you would like to try your luck. Pictures are in the jump. Enjoy, and don’t forget to keep us posted.

Moncler Showroom Sale
Friday, October 18 open until 7pm
Saturday, October 19 opens at 11am
155 Wooster Street, 8th Fl

Pictures from @samplesalesavant


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