Bandier Friends & Family Sale

October 15, 2019 by Lila Delilah

When Bandier hit the upscale athletic-wear market it attracted the attention of everyone from Barry’s Bootcamp warriors to the SLT contortionists. It’s hard-core workout chic. The company’s sample sales attract miles of shoppers and the good merchandise is gone fast.

Better than dealing with sample sale crowds, we thought it would be a good idea to hit up this friends and family sale. Everything online (and in the store) is now 25% off. No code is needed, the discount is automatically applied during checkout and there are no exclusions.

Aviator Nation has been excluded from most all other friends and family sales but is applicable here.  This classic lightning bolt zip-up sweatshirt is $133 from $178. I hate to admit it but they are really nicer than the less expensive options. This tank top has been touted by most every influencer and may be worth a test drive at $49 from $65. Do you think it could be that much better than Jockey? Let’s see!

Then there always the staples like Ultracore leggings with shiny stars that come to $150 from $200. Golden Goose running sneakers come to $412 from $550. You can also try these All Acecss biker shorts as a fashion look at $63 from $85. It’s never a bad idea to stock up on grippy stocks too.

The discount promotion also works on sale items. A Monrow sweatshirt comes to $88 from $170, PE Nation leggings are $70 from $138, and Heroine sport bra is $30 from $85.

Buying new athletic wear is a great motivation to keep your latest package from expiring. After all, aren’t we all working out so that our clothing looks even better? Right, and for health and brain function, but we all know it’s for the clothing!


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