Italist Begins November-Type Markdowns

September 4, 2019 by Lila Delilah

We all wait eagerly forward to November’s first markdowns but how exciting would it be if you could get similar discounts today? Italist has already started to chisel away at prices on Fall ’19 merchandise. The additional savings on top of the currency difference adds to some big savings. You might even go as far as saying it’s as good as first markdown.

Take a look at this new Gucci Marmont style. It’s currently $2200 at Bergdorf Goodman but it’s priced at under $1500 on Italist. The Gucci Dionysus tweed bag is priced at $2500 at Bergdorfs and under $1500 on Italist.  Some other interesting standouts include the Fendi perforated Kan U for $1630 from a US retail of $2390, A Valentino medium size Rockstud tote is $1480 from a US retail of $2400 and the Celine small 16 is $2533 compared to $4100 at Celine in the US.

There aren’t just great bags. Balenciaga Triple S sneakers are $680 from US retail of $895, Gucci tweed hiking boots are $882 from a US retail of $1190 and Bottega Veneta pumps are $550 from $760 in the US.

Italist’s prices may not seem so discounted when you are looking at the site straight on. We suggest you do a search on Net-A-Porter or Neiman Marcus to get an accurate retail price. We don’t need to wait until November to pull the trigger. We can start enjoying now.


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