Inside the Oscar de la Renta Sample Sale

September 17, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Pamplona is famous for the Running of the Bulls and the Oscar de la Renta sale has become legendary for the running of the gowns. Today’s sample sale VIP kickoff was more intense than ever but the volume of options wasn’t even Emmy worthy.

To begin, three woman sprinted into the sale and one lady directed the others, “Don’t look just grab.” Another woman pulled so many dresses from the racks that she couldn’t even carry them all. Instead she dragged them along the floor like a janitor pulling an old mop across an elementary school cafeteria.

One could argue that these women had a good strategy as this sale has much less merchandise than prior season sales. Usually the downstairs is filled with shoes and bridal gowns. This go-round, the downstairs level is occupied by a giant dressing room and there are only a few racks of bridal gowns.

Upstairs you will find almost all designer’s categories but just less volume. There are dresses, gowns, coats, day-wear, skirts, furs, jewelry, belts, bags, shoes, kids clothing, kids shoes and furs. Most items are priced between 70% and 90% off retail. Samples, which can be identified by an internal sample tag, are priced according to a master list. (You can see the price sample lists in the jump.) All other items are priced as marked.

Some of the standouts include an ombré tulle gown for $1650 from nearly $15,000. A one shoulder gown with silk lace and tonal bead embroidery tracing every edge is also $1650 from $18,290. Rose Leslie wore it to the season 8 premier of Game of Thrones premier. A less opulent leaf motif dress is $875 from about $6000. Clearly, the savings on dresses and gowns are substantial. (You can see pictures here.)

Over towards the checkout counter, you’ll see an assortment of jewelry and belts. Most are priced at about 80% off retail. These flower drop earrings in assorted colors are $65 from $350 and there are bins of great belts all priced at $40. Classic ODLR floral “Tro” bags are $537 from $1790. (We have pictures and prices over here.)

Most all Children’s shoes that are all priced at $41. Last year, they were $20 but you can’t really complain even at $40. Some have original price stickers of more than $250. The children’s clothing assortment isn’t very  plentiful. Most samples are a size six.

The ODLR sale is one of those popular events that tend to attract lots of shoppers, which tend to accumulate into a steady line throughout the days of the sale. It’s not usually too bad of a wait but you should clock in some extra time if you’re thinking of taking a quick pass through the sale.

Oscar de la Renta
Tuesday, September 17 through Sunday, September 22
Tues 10am-8pm, Wed to Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-4pm
151 Wooster Street

Girls Dresses Most $85
Most girl’s shoes $41
Long skirts
Short Dresses

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