Global Fashions Sample Sale

September 20, 2019 by Lila Delilah

The Fall chill hasn’t set in but those in the wholesale business are wrapping up the holiday business season. Global Fashions, which is the official luxury distributor for several Italian designer brands including couture items, will be opening its showroom to the public for a pre-Fall sample sale.

If you’ve been to a Global Fashions sale before you probably know the treasures that behold. We got a sneak peak while the sale was being set up and are so excited to share what we found. Discounts range from 50% to 80% off. Men’s and women’s clothing are all 80% off. Rockstud shoes and all sneakers are discounted 50% off.  All other shoes, boots, bags and accessories are discounted 70% off.

The Rockstud shoes are always one of the most popular attractions at Global Fashion’s sample sales. Yes, there are a lot. There is a variety of options in assorted sizes and they are all reduced 50% off. There is black-on-black, bi-colored and even some tri-colored pumps and flats. There is also a large selection of boots all reduced 70%. Among the bags, the are top-handle Glamlocks and camo totes, which are reduced 70%. A large Glamlock is $1011 from $3375 and a Rockstud wallet is $210 from $695. (You can stalk pictures of some of our favorites over here.)

The couture is always what melts our hearts at these sales. We almost fell over when we spotted a one-of-a-kind pink 3-D floral wool jacket that retails for $13,000 but is now $2600. A black wool sweater with lace detailing is a little more wallet friendly at $460 from $2290 and a full lace maxi skirt is about $800 from $3450. (Click for pics.)

It’s pretty apparent that Global Fashions is offering a great shopping experience. There is a great designer find for most every budget. This is a sale you’re not going to want to miss. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Global Fashions Sample Sale
Tuesday, September 24 through Thursday September 26
9am-6pm daily
49 West 38th Street

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