5 Must-Haves for NYFW

September 5, 2019 by Lila Delilah

New York Fashion Week has officially started. Over the past several years, the fashion on the street has become even more important than than what is shown on the runway. Street style sets the tone for the entire season. What’s hot at fashion week usually becomes must-haves through the holiday season.

In honor of NYFW, we are listing the five hottest items of the pre-season. Some aren’t even officially available and others are sold out. If you can get your hands on any of these items we suggest you do so asap. The buzz is only going gain in momentum as all your favorite influencers flex their most swagy fashions.

1. Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette (M44813) $1550
You might have seen this concoction of bags already popping up on the Instagram feed on some of your most influential style gurus. The “bag” is essentially comprised of three bags– a micro pouchette, a larger pouchette and a round change purse. They are connected together by a chain and a fabric strap to create a utility cross-body type-bag. Fabric straps can be purchased separately for $495 each. The bag was slated to launch on September 1 but has been pushed off until September 27. This is the type of item we suggest preordering immediately if you intend on adding it to your collection.

2. The Bottega Veneta Pouch $2400
Writing about this bag again is starting to feel redundant but the fad is just beginning. We’ve already seen people collecting multiple colors of this clutch. White has been the hardest color to get and it’s available RIGHT NOW. The white version been especially popular because it resembles a cloud and looks dreamy when clutched under the arm.  We expect to see lots of the the new metallic colors during fashion week. You can click here to grab yours now and a limited edition red was just launched today too,

3. Bottega Veneta Stretch Sandals $720
What’s harder to get than a white Bottega Pouch? Stretch sandals! They seem to have launched but have never been accessible. You just can’t get these sandals unless your very well connected. We wish we had some advice but we are baffled. As an alternative, we suggest that mortals pre-order the Padded Bloc Pumps as they can be worn for the following eight months. They are also poised to be a big sell-out.

4. Valentino VSling $2575
The tone-on-tone matte is a toned down version of logo-mania. It looks fresh and cool. Almost like a matte Porsche Panamera. The bag is starting to catch the attention of fashion participants but it hasn’t trickled into the mainstream. What’s even better is that the bag hasn’t been all over Instagram, which makes you the ultimate influencer.

5. Amina Muaddi Belgum Brooch Pump $895
The shoe brand d’jour is Amina Mauddio. If you haven’t heard of it, now you have. Amina Muaddi is best known for its vibrant colors and holographic designs. We like them because of heel’s distinctive geometric pedestal. Our favorite style has a jeweled toe. We are torn between black, aqua or pink but would take any if we could find them. They are sold out at most everywhere. We could only find size 5s but we will continue to keep our eyes open.


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