Weekend Shopping: Obsessions & Impulses

August 23, 2019 by Lila Delilah

It’s hard to get excited about any shopping considering all of our attention is focused on soaking in the last days of Summer. I really try to direct my attention towards the kids and create memories that will withstand a decade of time.

That doesn’t nullify the need for a relaxing scroll.  Right now,  you will still be able to find a few interesting items within the sale assortment at Saks Fifth Avenue. The discounts are up to 75% off. Revolve also has some major markdowns upwards of 70% off. Intermix recently added some late Summer arrivals to its sale section too.

This week, I’m most excited about finding a replacement for Drybar’s discontinued sparkle hairspray It’s taken me weeks of testing and trying assorted products but this Unicorn hairspray ($16) offers the perfect sparkle mist to add extra glow to the golden hour or any other hour of the day or night.

Below is a compilation of a few of my favorite items that I’ve purchased, carted or agonized over. I will be sure to update this post as I scroll uncover more impulse purchases.


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