Gilt Bag Sale: Celine, Dior & Burberry

July 1, 2019 by Lila Delilah

A few weeks ago, I fell upon a Gilt designer bag sale. The prices were great but I felt no urgency to make a commitment. The bag stuck around for a few days. I watched it. Then, in a moment– poof, it was gone. The said bag is full price at various stores and I whimper a little bit every time it catches my eye.

I share this tale as a warning because Gilt just started its early July 4th designer sale. The bag I wanted is still gone but there are many others that catch the eye. Most impressive is the selection of Celine bags, which includes many new Hedi styles. Most are reduced by about 30% off retail, which is only notable because Celine bags never go on markdown. Here is the “Lady Gaga” bag that’s $3200 from $4150, the Triomphe bag is $2845 from $3850, and this Double Strap belt is a good find at $299 from $570. There is also the more Old Celine classic Nano Luggage tote that’s $2300 from $2700.

Some of the other good finds include Tisci’s Burberry belt bag that’s about $1200 from $1500. (Not as discounted as I would like but savings nonetheless.) Check out this Dior C’est that’s $2600 from $3400 and this YSL Vicky is $1700 from $2300.  A Miu Miu shopper makes a great beach bag for $630 from $1020.

Department stores have so much Balenciaga on markdown that a final sale Gilt purchase is unnecessary.  Stay away unless you spot something ridiculously discounted. Don’t go for Valentino unless it’s more than 40% off and Prada needs to be reduced 50%. All bets are off you spot a bag that’s a brand new style or an item you’ve been lusting after and haven’t been able to capture.

For now, I’m going to continue to whine about the bag I missed and hope it turns up again. Wish me luck and learn from my mistake.


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