Neiman Marcus Hits NYC (Online 20% Off Promo)

March 27, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Neiman Marcus started an online promotion where you can save an additional 20% off sale items, which brings the discount near 80% off on a large assortment of merchandise. While shopping online we found some great buys, including this blazer from Gabriela Hearst, a Tom Ford metallic blouse, and a Summer romper from Shoshanna. (Take note, Bergdorfs is running a similar promotion but the extra discount is 30% off. You can see the full post over this way.) This online sale is nice but we thought it would be timelier to take this opportunity to actually explore the newly opened Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus.

New Yorkers are naturally a negative bunch. We are adverse to change, highly opinionated and love the nostalgia of “old” New York. While highly judgmental, we must admit that Neiman Marcus did an excellent job visualizing a retail environment for 2019 and staying true to its bloodlines. The store is spacious, bright and thoughtful.

The NYC Neiman Marcus is everything you could desire from a suburban department store– and we aren’t saying that as a slur. Frankly, we don’t need another Barneys, Saks or Bergdorfs. What we did get is a space that carries lots of luxury fashion that feels welcoming and safe. There isn’t much experimentation as far as designers. There is no Commes de Garcons, Del Pozo or Rossie Assoulin–but you can hop over to Forty-Five-Ten for all of that.  What you will find is a large offering of Etro, Dolce & Gabbana and The Row.

One criticism: In addition to the main floor Chanel boutique, would have liked to see a bit more top tier luxury clothing brands. A little Valentino, Gucci, Givenchy and Dior ready-to-wear would go a long way establishing this Neiman Marcus as an everything-you-need shopping destination.  Don’t worry, there are designer handbags and shoes galore. (We posted a bunch of in-store fashion highlights to the jump.)

The Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus has artful installations, numerous engagement points and offers plentiful experiences. It’s Instagram-able and fully shoppable. We love the personalizing station, where you can let your imagination go wild. Shoppers can choose from a large variety of patches, embroidery, studs and even collaborate with an artist to handpainted an item. Prices start at $35 to afix a set of initial patches and most customization takes about a week.

We also loved the humongous dressing rooms, especially in the personal shopping area. You might never want to leave. “Try-ing on” situation is so much less of a drag when the environment meets that of your own home. One observation, it would be nice if all the dressing rooms were stocked with bottled water. Part of the 2019 retain environment is anticipating the needs of your customer and who doesn’t get thirsty while shopping?

We aren’t sure if Neiman Marcus needs a beauty service section but customers can choose from blowouts, waxes manicures and more. We are also not sure that online shoppers need designated stylists, especially when they are allocated with more than 800 sq feet. Seems like the three online stylists would be better positioned at the personal shopping department, which was void of any sales associates.

The flower kiosk, on the main floor, is another cute in-store feature. It seems as if a $40 will buy you a very sweet boutique of high-quality flowers. In a pinch, it’s more thoughtful than a candle or hand soap.

Nowadays, one of the biggest draws to any department store is its restaurant. The Neiman Marcus main floor contains a gourmet food department that is an upscale version of TJ Maxx’s world food section. It also has a kitchen for food demonstrations and Irving Farm coffee. The Zodiac Room, on the seventh floor, offers an adequate option salad and a good looking burger. On our third visit to Hudson Yards, we found Blue Stone Lane to be the best option for a quick salad or sandwich.

The most exciting moment at Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus was when we surprisingly stumbled upon some of our favorite sales associates. (Their contact information is below along with a few pictures we shot while scouting the store.)

Despite the naysayers, Neiman Marcus offers New Yorkers a different experience. We can’t say it will become a regular haunt, partly because of the $35 Uber fare from the Upper East Side, but we do welcome a luxury shopping alternative.  What do you think?

Louis Vuitton: Monique 860-328-3894
Neiman Marcus Luxury Specialist: Sean 929-458-1410


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