LN-CC: New Season Gucci and Prada 20% Off

March 12, 2019 by Lila Delilah

This season, we have noticed that lots of retailers have initiated very early discount promotions. The discounts might not be large but we don’t ever recall such aggressive early season marketing. Even so,  most of these shopping incentives exclude major designers.

It only was a matter of time until we hit the designer jackpot. European luxury emporium, LN-CC is actually focusing on just the items we really want. Early season discounts are up to 20% off. You must use this link to view the promotion discounts. We were excited to find this Gucci crystal top for even $200 off and these Gucci logo high boots are a straight 20% off.

The best part of the promotion might be the bag options. Here is a classic Gucci Marmont for under $850, a Prada transparent tote for $700,  and the new Prada saddle bag is $1200. Other interesting items are Opyum YSL heels, Prada mesh sneakers, and this Prada logo necklace that seems like a great deal for $240.  (The ‘should I buy/should I not buy’ conflict is torture!)

Before you click off, be sure to check out the site’s sale section. There are lots of interesting fashion finds for 60% off. Some items we never even saw on markdown, like this Gucci puffer and this Miu Miu belt bag.

The good thing is that LN-CC is not on the shopping radar of most luxury customers and you have a moment to digest your options before everything sells out. It also doesn’t hurt that this sale is very private. This promotion runs through March 20.


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