The IT-it: Chanel Tweed Jackets

February 26, 2019 by Lila Delilah

As far as I’m concerned Marie Kondo doesn’t know anything about joy. Could you imagine if Iris Apfel colonized all her belongings and abandoned anything that wasn’t necessary? Who would Anna Dello Russo be without her archives? The world would definitely be less fortunate if Peggy Guggenheim simply tossed her Man Ray dresses.

If you want to know the meaning of real joy, it’s opening your closet and wearing an item you’ve had for over a decade. I will never give up my embroidered Future Ozbeck bellbottom jeans that I’ve had for over two decades but only worn three times. My ridiculous buffalo leather Tom Ford skirt with jeweled rings down the seams doesn’t even fit but I don’t care. These items are a part of who I am.

This season, I am most excited to dust off my old Chanel 90s jackets. The combination of Karl Largerfeld’s passing and the resurrection of the 90s is the perfect recipe for the rebirth of the tweed jacket. The updated look is paired with rolled up boyfriend jeans. You can also go full-on Paris Hilton 90s and pair yours with a miniskirt.

Chanel vintage is much more alluring than anything new. If you don’t already have a Chanel jacket on on hand, I suggest you begin stalking Ebay and TheRealReal. Just don’t go too crazy and overspend. I would suggest keeping your purcahse between $300 and $800.

Once last piece of advice: be thoughtful about what you buy. I might not subscribe to the Marie Kondo mathod of abandoning your belongings but I do believe that you should really love everything you own. Luxury fashion is less about accumulation and more about life enhancment.


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