International Shopping: Stock Check

January 14, 2019 by Lila Delilah

How often do you place an item in your online shopping cart with the thought that you will make the purchase as soon as it’s a little less expensive? I do it all the time. It’s such a thrill when you “get” exactly what you want at the price you desire. 

On the flip side, there can be complete and utter devastation when you check your cart to find that the item is sold out or no longer available in your size. Over the past week, we’ve received numerous laments about missed fashion at Net-A-Porter. Our advice is always the same: Check the international site versions.

The UK variant of Net-A-Porter, has a lot more merchandise from which to choose and you can find some items at even better savings after the currency exchange. For example, this Saint Laurent Domino bag is on sale for $1700 from $2450 on the US site but the same bag after the currency exchange is $1265 on the UK site. That’s about a $435 savings. The Chloe Roy bag is no longer on sale on the US version of the site but on the UK side, it comes to $1064 from $1650.

The UK sale stock still includes this Fendi logo tote, this Valentino velvet Rockstud, and assorted Golden Goose sneakers. As a matter of fact, these Golden Goose come to just $250 from $515 in the US. This Balmain sweatshirt sold out during the first markdown in the US but is still available in the UK for 50% off. These Colette x Vetement heels are another perfect example of why toggling over to the international site is worth the effort. They are just $369 after the 70% off discount and owning a little Colette nostalgia is priceless.

After you’ve exhausted your searches through the UK verson of NAP, you can toggle over to China, which is usually the last region for markdowns. We even found this gorgeous suede YSL bag and this classic Valentino Rockstud tote still available in the sale section. The best part is that you can shop in US dollars and don’t need to worry about the exchange rate. Shipping, on the other hand, will cost you.


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