Where to Get Gucci On Sale Now

December 7, 2018 by Lila Delilah

You’re not alone if you’ve been waiting for a good Gucci markdown before the holidays. Even Gucci employees are getting frustrated hoping for a markdown to help with the financial blow of appeasing wishful family and friends. We are sorry to say that it’s not going to happen. At least not before the holidays.

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost. We’ve uncovered a few key destinations where you can score some Gucci markdowns.

Bloomingdales is probably the closest and easiest store to shop for Gucci deals. The selection isn’t very large but there are a few shoe styles from which to choose. Here are glitter pumps for $600 from $1200 and lace platform sneakers are $445 from $890.

Barneys also has some discount Gucci shoes but none are available online. You can click here to see pictures we took inside the store. The markdown is currently 40% off plus an extra 30%, which brings the total discount to nearly 60% off.

The discounted bags aren’t online but you can check out pictures from the store right here. The sale assortment includes the jeweled G-style and We also listed our Kirna contact if you want in-store product details.

Further Downtown, Kirna Zabete has several pieces of Gucci marked down. The best part is that the sale section includes bags. The discount ranges from 30% to 50% off and we are told that an additional markdown is coming soon. Check out thisGucci Cities tee that’s now $588 from $980, a bedazzled Gucci logo sweatshirt is $800 from $1600, and this silk blouse is the same price. These Jordaan loafers are $417 from $695 and this velvet logo style loafer is $511 from $730.

An even larger online Gucci sale selection can be found at LN-CC. Here is a Gucci tote that’s reduced by 40% or $1362 from $2270, iconic Guccy sneakers are $475 from $950 and a floral embroidered hat is $620 from $1240. There is also a great selection of sale Gucci for men.

Another good site to stalk for sale Gucci are Italist, where discounts range from 20% to 40% off. We found this mini striped bag for $585 from $766, a Yankee collab scarf is $468 from $611, and Flashtreck sneakers are $614 from $805.

The Gucci boutique sale won’t happen until after New Years. We hear the discounts will be limited to only Gucci  employees. The January markdown will take place online and in stores but you’ll need a special code. You know where to send info if it comes your way.

Kirna Zabete: Incus 917-674-4591

Kirna Zabete
Kirna Zabete



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