Gift Guide: What to Get the Trevor Girl

December 4, 2018 by Lila Delilah

New York private school girls are a most interesting specimen. They have more academic pressure than a first-year law student but many are more entitled than a Goldman senior VP.  You can pick a random weeknight and observe them in their natural habitat at Nobu57 or Seraphina.

Photo Credit: Tonya Hoodyakova

Shopping for these girls is no easy task. The bar is high but it’s easy to take a step off the ledge and voila… Serena van der Woodson.

While on the prowl for the perfect gift options we found Balenciaga pool slides on sale for about $200. They will be perfect for Christmas vacation in the Maldives or you can save them for August in Mykonos.

The girls are also very into Aviator Nation but the breakout cult it-girl sweatshirt is from Madhappy.  Check Glossier, which has been hosting great promotions.

The girls are all gaga for anything Balenciaga (see above and don’t forget about those sneaker socks, which we found on sale).  Teens still think Gucci is the greatest every Hermes starter kit, starts with the iconic H bracelet. A more reasonably priced gift option might be from Kate Spade. The Madison store has a wonderful variety of gift packages targeted towards everyone, including a Nanny, and yes, a New York teen.

Below are gift suggestions that will satisfy every private school girl, from Birch to Columbia Grammar:

Golden Goose sneakers ($360 from $515)
Balanciaga pool slides ($230)
Glossier makeup set ($40)
Gucci Yankees card case/wallet $270
Madhappy hoodie ($120)
Balenciaga sock sneakers ($433 from $750)
14k gold & diamond initial necklace ($158)
Drybar blowdryer value kit ($172 from $215)
Hermes Clic H bracelet ($400-$800)
Aviator Nation sweatshirt  ($161)


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