Final Markdowns: Ringing Out 2018

December 31, 2018 by Lila Delilah

The year is abruptly coming to an end– as it always seems to do. Stores have kept with one of 2018’s top trends of early markdowns and already shifted into their final discounts of the season.

Barneys took markdowns to 75% off. You can read about it and see pictures over here. Saks took the latest markdown on Christmas and discounts at Bergdorf went to 75% off on Friday.

Don’t let these final markdowns fool you, in some instances, previous promotions provided steeper savings. Before the “Final Event” markdown at Bergdorf’s, all sale items were an additional 33% off. Now that the promotion expired, many categories of merchandise are more expensive. For now, you can use our spreadsheet to determine where to make your final 2018 purchases.

Take note, some items may be reduced more than what’s indicated on the chart but we took the liberty of generalizing according to the brands and items we like most. (P.S. Bergdrof will begin running another sale promotion January 11. 😉)


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