What We Really Bought on Thanksgiving Weekend

November 26, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Are Thanksgiving deals really that good? This year they were better than usual but we still are always faithful to a hard second (or third) markdown. We find that holiday hype and the pent-up frustration from family overtime drives much of our consumerism.

After investigating the purchases of friends, family, along with our personal shopping, we began to see some trends. One is that most of what we really bought on Black Friday were minor purchases.

There was no extravagant jewelry, no mega-expensive handbags or cars. (Okay, there was a car but that’s not the norm.) Another theme is that people seemed to purchase the items they needed and were holding back to buy. The third and final observation is that online luxury retailers have been extra competitive. Those extra discounts are making big impulse purchases mighty attractive.

Alessi Corkscrew ($40 from $90): I got a bunch to give as gifts with wine.

Dyson Hairdryer ($320 from $399): I’ve been wanting to try it and took advantage of Sephora’s beauty discount.

Pat McGrath lipstick ($32 from $38): I’m addicted to the packaging and love the different color lipstick tubes. I like the lipsticks too.

Aviator Nation sweatshirt ($125 from $178): The kids love this brand. I don’t really get it.

Maison Margiela reflective pleated skirt ($779 from $1300): The fabric on this skirt is amazing. It has a paper quality and reflects the light like a bicycle. I am looking to pair it with an oversized Balenciaga logomania sweater. I just have to wait to find it for the right price.

Balmain sweatshirt: ($300 from $500) I’ll wrap it up and give it as a gift to one of the girls and take it back when I’m feeling the urge.

Prada cardigan ($570 from $1140): It’s classic Prada and will be worn for decades.

Jacquemus pumps with wooden heels ($300 from $520) I love the heel on these shoes and have been watching various styles for many seasons.

LOL Pop-Up Store: ($36): It was a better option than the $200 LOL Dollhouse.

Champion puffer ($160 from $200): My teenager loves it and the price was right.

Sorel Winter boots ($127 from $150): I like the red laces and they look warm.

Off-White “For Riding” rainboots ($223 from $315): They are more playful than Chanel rainboots and were a lot less expensive.

Prada card case ($117 from $260): Makes a great gift.

Apple AirPods ($159): Easy gift.

Kaws x Seaseme Street ($30): A no brainer as gifts and one (or two colors) for yourself.


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