Classified Leak: Black Friday Sale Dates

November 16, 2018 by Lila Delilah

For the past week, we have have been fielding 100s of emails and DMs asking about sales breaking at specific stores. For the first time, we are pre-publishing all of our known sale dates. It’s hard to say how long we will be able to keep this post live. We suggest that you bookmark this page and then click on the direct sale links below. Some of our sources provided us with private pre-sale access.

One more suggestion: Websites have been known to come to a crawl when sales break. It’s a good idea to spend the next two days browsing and picking the items you love most. Add everything you’re considering to your card and then begin to edit. When the sales go live you can cash out fast without searching through a sluggish site.

Please let us know if you have additional information and we can add it to our list.  Happy Shopping!!

Discount: 30% to 40% off
Date: Presale is live now with this link. Sale goes public on Monday, November 20th.
Details: Second markdown begins Wednesday, December 19

Bergdorf Goodman
Discount: 30% to 40% off
Date: Early access link Monday, November 19. Sale goes public on Tuesday, November 20.
Details: Monday, November 26 save an additional 20% off F5 sale merchandise

Discount: 30% to 40% off
Date: Friday, November 16 designer handbags are 30% off and $25 off every $200 you spend. Details: Thanksgiving Day sale starts Thursday, November 22. Extra discounts for “Cyber-Sunday, Cyber-Monday, and Cyber-Tuesday.”

Discount: 30% off select items, Cyber Monday 50% Off
Date: Tuesday, November 20 (Presale), Saturday, November 22
Details: Use the code presale RSTYLE30 to engage the discount for 30% off, Discounts drop to 50% only for Cyber Monday

Discount: 30% to 60% off
Date: Monday, November 19
Details: Sale items are already in this link but discounted prices won’t be live until Monday. The next markdown is December 13.

Neiman Marcus
Discount: 30% to 40% off
Date: Tuesday, November 20
Details: Black Friday save an extra 33% off for total savings of up to 60% off

Discount: 30% to 40% off
Date: Monday, November 19
Details: The big Half-Yearly sale starts December 26 with discounts of 50% off.

Saks Fifth Avenue 
Discount: 30% to 40% off
Date: Monday, November 20
Details: Saks is always a big  Black Friday destination. Hit the site early on Friday and get 50% off select items.


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