Hermes Sale: What Went Down & What You Can Expect

October 4, 2018 by Lila Delilah

The Hermes sale kicked off today at Americana Manhasset, on Long Island. It was an exhilarating and exhausting day for those who attended the sale and for even those who watched it all unfold on social media.

The first shoppers to get their line numbers arrived Tuesday night and even those who arrived at 1am were over #50 in line. By the time the sale opened at 10am, tickets were well over #300. The sale space is smaller than prior years and only 40 people were allowed in at a time. There are no shopping time limits and no purchasing limits, which means that early shoppers took huge hauls.

Everything at the Hermes sale is reduced 50% off retail. We are told that before you could shop, you need to cover your phone camera with a sticker. An alarm would alert if the sticker was removed. We’re not sure if the alarm is a scare tactic but those who finally got into the sale weren’t willing to take the risk. (Can you blame them?)

Since there were no purchase limits, early shoppers left with $70,000 to $80,000 worth of merchandise. No doubt they will be reselling their hauls. There are only three registers and the line to check out is almost as bad as the line to get into the sale. It didn’t help that the credit card machines continuously overheated and needed to be rebooted. (LOL. Seriously, LOL!)

The sale doesn’t contain any scarves, ties, or bags. The biggest buzz is about the bangles and bracelets. Many of our Mad-Spy friends and family report that there were a variety of Clic-Clac bracelets, enamels, and exotic Collier de Chien and Kelly cuffs. Many people walked out with 10 or more bracelets each.

We are told that the shoe selection is very slim. Even early shoppers complained that there were only very small and very large sized shoes. Some of the shoe highlights include Oran sandals in exotic skins (that means they are very expensive) and others with rhinestones. There are no basic styles. One shopper said there were some men’s swim trunks, blazers, and pants but not much else.

Purchases made at the Hermes sample sale do not come with boxes. All items are marked with the letter “s” symbolizing that they were purchased at a sale.

Shoppers who were given the tickets #218 and above didn’t make it into the sale today — that’s after waiting several hours. The good news is that those shoppers can return tomorrow with their tickets and continue to … wait!  By today’s end, organizers were handing out tickets surpassing #600. We are told that no more tickets will be issued for the remainder of the sale.

Many Hermes sale shoppers left with their numbers and don’t plan on returning.  On the bright side, we are told that the sale will be fully restocked. Feel free to a message in the comment box below if you have a number that you’re not using or if you are looking to attend the sale and need a number. Also, check our Instagram account to comment get live reports on the sale.

Hermes Sample Sale
Through Saturday, October 6
10am-7pm daily
Americana Manhasset Mall: 2060 Northern Blvd (Next to Tory Burch)


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