Bloomingdales: Private Link to Final Offer 70% Off

October 15, 2018 by Lila Delilah

All retailers have merchandise that falls through the cracks. Regardless of how good you buy there is always going to be a certain percentage of inventory that gets lost in the shuffle. Knowing the truths of retail, Bloomingdales has started a pilot launch of a new section called ‘Final Offer.’

The entire section is filled with items reduced 70% off. The only glitch is that you you can’t combine some of these Final Offer items  with other promotions. So on some purcahses have to forgo the extra $25 off each $100– that’s running right now. On the bright side, it’s not final sale so your purchases are still returnable.

Within the Final Offer section we found some interesting finds. This rainbow wrap dress is certainly worth $50 from $158. IRO jeans with a sequined waist are about $100 from $345 and you can take another $25 off with the current promtion, which brings the total price to just $75. Over here, is a perfectly nice trench coat for just $90 from nearly $300,  a white denim skirt from AG is $50 and a Korel hooded sweatshirt for $43.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with this section. We are hoping to one day scroll and find Gucci shoes.


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