Opening Ceremony Goes 75% Off

August 27, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Opening Ceremony just wrapped up a crazy sample sale. Prices were outrageously discounted but lines extended for hours. The scene inside was total mayhem. No matter the markdown, that’s not how we would ever consider spending the last days of Summer.

Not all is lost if you’re looking to snag some of Opening Ceremony’s Downtown-cool style for deep discounts. Right now, you can head to the store’s website and save up to 75% off. Over this way, we found this varsity style dress for $68 from $225, this babydoll cut bomber jacket is $238n from $600, and this Vivian Westwood top (or dress) is $300 from $740.

Most of the sale assortment consists of the house brand but we love that it’s so reasonably priced. It’s even more affordable when it’s on sale (obviously). Opening Ceremony is also a great brand to buy for stylish teens because of the price points. Bonus points, you can share!


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