Net-a-Porter’s Final Sale, Extra Discounts

July 5, 2018 by Lila Delilah

After the fireworks die down we excitedly await for Net-a-Porter’s explosive final markdown. This end-of-season event usually only lasts a few weeks and is delivered with lots of extra discounts.

This season’s big event started today. The extra discount is an extra 20% off but doesn’t apply to all items. When this sale strikes, merchandise tends to go very quickly. The shoes and bags are always the first to fly off the site.

We have our eye on this Off-White tote that’s comes to just $400 from over $1200. This Alexander McQueen bag is about the same price and deeply discount Alaia is never a bad idea. During the Summer, we are all about cheap thrills and this straw garden bag from Eugenia Kim is only $230.

In the shoe department, there are lots of Gianvitto Rossi shoes discounted 50% and there’s another 20% on top. These mules are $280 from nearly $700. These Vetements Manolos are 80% and even justafiable at $345.

Everything gets a little more interesting when you start shopping for clothing. There is still a large assortment of clothing and the variety is quite large. Here is a white poplin dress that’s reduced to $300 from $1500. It’s universally understood that the dress was way overpriced to begin. This Prada dress falls in the same category of overpricing but could be justifiable with these new discounts.

The NAP final sale usually lasts just a couple of weeks. Then the section completely disappears. TheOut is the next stop– as it becomes past season fashion.


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