Saks Fifth Avenue 2nd Markdown (Gucci Bags)

June 13, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Sale season started about a week early this season. Most every other local department store has already taken a second cut on prices. Saks Fifth Avenue was the only neighborhood holdout, well, until today.

Right now, you can save up to 60% off at Saks. The best deals are in the handbag department, where purses are reduced an extra 25% off the first cut, which brings the total discount to 55% on most items. The sale selection is pretty similar as to what you would see most everywhere else. There is a tower of Valentino white Rockstud bags. (We have pictures of the Valentino bags that are for sale at the Saks Flagship here.) This pink metallic Valentino wasn’t marked down at every store but can be snagged at Saks for $2677 from $2800.

There is also an assortment of Balenciaga suspects — buyers seem to have been a bit over enthusiastic about the brand. Here is a link to the Balenciaga City Blackout ($2550 from $3000), which is always one of our favorite styles because it fits a 15″ laptop and is very light.  Over this way, we were surprised to find a Gucci Supreme logo hobo style bag reduced to $939 from $1790. There are a few more online. You can check out the whole Gucci sale selection over here.

Upstairs in the shoe department, a lot of the best style shoes are selling out. We saw these Fendi pearl flats in a few sizes reduced to $472 from $900.  Here they are in a heel or a sock-boot. These Gucci espadrilles are under $280 from $630. These Jimmy Choo cork wedge sandals are a steal for $200 from $450 and Manolo Hangisi Berk-style sandals are $500 from $1100. You can see pictures from inside the Saks shoe sale over here but we think that the online selection and prices might even be better than what we found at the store.

The markdown on clothing is a little all-over-the-place. Most of the fanciest European designer clothing is an additional 25% off, which brings the total discount to about 50% off. More contemporary clothing is reduced by an additional 30% off, which brings that savings to about 60% off.  The most attractive items, however, were only reduced by 40%!!??

This floral print maxi silk dress from No.21 is divine but is only available in limited sizes, even in the store. It’s reduced to $639 from nearly $1000. This MSGM ruffled dress mini-dress also caught our eye but it needs to be worn with a thick belt or else the exaggerated ruffles will make you look wide. It’s just $210 from $525. We even happen to like it in the yellow.

You can click over this way to see pictures of everything (or most everything) we saw at the store today. Last year, the third markdown happened on June 28. We are not sure what to expect considering that Saks seems to be setting its own schedule this year and not minding its neighbors. We. Will. See…


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